WestlawNext Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the WestlawNext Login:

Logging in with WestLawNext:

1. If you are on the wrong page, or can't find the right one, you are going to be pretty frustrated, so first things first, visit this site: https://1.next.westlaw.com/Session/SignOn.html?bhcp=1 This page is the actual login page, so you don't need to follow any links on this page in order to fully log in.
2. The first thing to do on this site is to type your username into the username section. You can see things in this box as you type them, so it isn't that difficult, but you can still make mistakes if you are careless.
3. Now, in the password text box, you can make the mistake of typing your password in wrong, so be careful. If you do enter your password in wrong, you don't need to worry too much, you can just type it all in again after the page refreshes.
4. When you have all your information typed in correctly, you can click either or both of the two check boxes below. These, as they indicate, will keep you signed in to your username and/or password, but only on that same computer.
5. The next, and last step of the login is to click the big blue "sign in" button.


Resetting your Password:

1. If you aren't stil lthere, go to the link in step one of the login instructions above. This page has the link that you need in order to reset your password.
2. Click on the top link on the right side of the page, which says "Forgot my Username or Password."
3. The page you will find yourself at next gives you the option to identify whether you forgot your username, password or both. For this instructional on resetting your password, click on the "I forgot my Password" bubble only.
4. Click the "next" button near the bottom of the page when you have made your selection.
5. Type your email address that you used to register with the site into the email section, and then type your username into the username box. Order doesn't really matter.
6. Click the "next" button and then follow the instructions that come up next. Within a few minutes, you should find yourself ready to login again in minutes.

Contacting WestLawNext

1. Call WestlawNext at:
2. Write to: 
Thomson Reuters
610 Opperman Drive
Eagan, MN 55123